Celebrating Mothers Event 2015



On Saturday May 2nd, 2015, We Care Deaf Support Network held its first Tea Party and Prize Giving show coordinated by Events Just For You at #27 Beckles Lane, Tacarigua. The event was held in keeping with the organizations objective of supporting Deaf students in various developmental and life skills training programmes.

The event ‘Celebrating Mothers’ was geared towards celebrating Mother’s Day 2015 and high on the agenda was the prize giving for their Essay Competition that allowed Deaf students, between the ages of 10-17yrs old, the opportunity to write on the following topic: “Why  I Love My Mother”. The activity created a platform for Deaf students to engage their writing skills where they practised effective communication and positive expressions as they are faced with a number of challenges relating to English language.


Invitations were sent to Deaf students of both Primary and Secondary Schools/Units in Trinidad and Tobago.  Some schools expressed concern and taught that the essay might be to challenging for their students, however, three students from Cascade School for the Deaf, Belmont Unit, took up the challenge and placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the primary school category.


In the secondary school category, seven students submitted essays. 5 from Trinidad and two from Tobago. Eldorado West Secondary came out the winner, with Tobago School for the Deaf Speech and Language Impairment in 2nd place and South East Port of Spain, Secondary School in 3rd 

The first prize was sponsored by Chaconia Support Group and Trinidad and Tobago Association for the Hearing Impaired (TTAHI) sponsored the 2nd and 3rd place prizes.


CSG Managing Director, Jay Clarke, was present to assisting in presenting the Challenge Trophies to the winners of the Primary and Secondary School Category. Additional gift vouchers were presented to the winning participants themselves as a motivation and inspiration to continue working hard.   


The event also featured a Mini Fashion show with Deaf Models Pauline Weston and Christina, displaying swim wear and gym wear design by Ms Venessa Ballantyne, entertainment by The Nightingales and a special talk by Professor Hutchinson of UWI on the ‘Future of Disability in T&T’.

Ian Dhanoolal and Adana Mutope also displayed their jewellery and batik designs.


Special thanks to Chaconia Support Group (CSG) and T& T Association for the Hearing Impaired (TTAHI) for sponsoring the prizes. To Jeffery Vance of Coco Cola Ltd, Marlon Richardson distributor of FRESH Juices , Joel Jemmot and Sandra Wellington for assistance with door prizes, VCTT, WeCare planning committee and all those who attended to make the event  a success.


Secondary School Winner
Kerisha Samaroo
Eldorado West Secondary School


WeCare Essay Competition 2015
“Why I Love My Mother”


I love my mother more than anyone else and she loves me too because she loves to support me and she teaches me to do the right things. I learn the right way about the future from her.

I respect her so much, she always give me a small gift so I love it and she always want me to help her. She has so much work and I can help her do anything.  I look at her beautiful, sweet smile, funny expressions and sparkle eyes. She is always charming to me and the other children. I am also charming to her as well too. If I am very sick, she help me, give me medicine and I soon feel better.

I always love talking to her so much about funny stories and anything because I don’t want her to feel bored, I want her to be happy and smiling. I love it when she teaches me how to cook things. When she comes at home I get excited and always hug her because she does not live with me. She moved with her husband because of her work. My mother is a very nice and charming person. I miss her so much and I love her forever and ever.


Eldorado West Secondary School - Form 3







Primary School Winner
Shadell Quinton
Cascade School for the Deaf
Belmont Unit

WeCare Essay Competition 2015
“Why I Love My Mother”


On Wednesday 26th March 2002, I was born in Trinidad. I was cute and chubby. I had to stay at hospital two days. My family visited me and saw me on the oxygen pump. My mother picked me up and I started to cry. The doctor said to my mother, ‘take him home’. That was the time I began to know the wonderful person I call “mother”.

T really respect my mother. Although she is getting old, she is pretty. When someone ask me about my mother, I love to talk about her. Her name is Chermain Charles Quinton, she is plump and soft and 6inch tall. Whenever she dresses, she looks beautiful. Like me, she has a look of flair and class with brown eyes and soft brown skin. When she speaks, she always smiles. My mother has short black hair that she puts in a bun. She is lovely.

Sometimes I am really afraid of her big eyes. Let me tell you why. She sees all I do wrong and talks and quarrels a lot about it. She gives me good advice and scolds me when I need it. Even though she always scolds me, I know that she just wants to make sure that I have the right attitude. She is my support and my advisor. She always pushes me to study hard and to get the best education that I can. She like to lend a hand to complete my homework. I think it’s a great deal to have a mother like her. 

Besides being a good mother and wife, she is also a great cook, she knows what each of us likes to eat. Every day she cooks our favourite dishes to make sure we enjoy a good meal. With her, my life is the best. I really want to say I love my mother very much. I will make sure I respect her and I will not do anything to let her down. I Love you my mother.


Cascade School for the Deaf
Belmont Unit
Std 5